About Us

Information Technology and Communications Unit (INTECU)

Welcome to INTECU

Our Mission Statement.

To develop in line with the University strategic Development plan, a set of ICT policies that guide the development of ICT for the purpose of assisting the University to achieve her educational research, and public service function. We strive to develop human and material infrastructure that will result in a first class University and make considerable contribution to the larger society through the provision of consultancy services.

Our Short-Term Goals

  • Digitalize the classrooms and lecture theatres through ICT
  • Develop ICT-based learning and research within and outside the University community
  • Develop hardware and software support for an e-learning environment

Our Long-Term Goals

  • Make ICT a focal point in achieving even an all-round development in the University
  • Improve upon the quality of graduates currently being produced by changing the orthodox mode of university education in Nigeria to an IT-enhanced e-learning system, thereby breeding a new generation of academics and professionals both now and in the future
  • Make positive impacts on the channels of information and communication within the University system

Our Objectives

  • Evolve an ICT policy that will govern all ICT related operations on campus
  • Design implement and maintain the campus wide network
  • Generate, distribute and maintain ICT services to both staff and students in the University community
  • Advise the University administration on the development, application and implementation of ICT and related affairs
  • Provide technical support for ICT in other educational, research and affiliated institution
  • Provide ICT training for both staff and members of the University community, Nigerian Universities as a whole and the professionals from the industry
  • Coordinate all ICT related activities on campus for the purpose of maximizing technical expertise and materials usage
  • Develop both software and hardware infrastructure by coordinating expertise in all units of the University.

Core Competencies

Network Infrastructure
Design & Deployment

Fibre-Optic Backbone Deployment
Wireless Solutions
Vaue-Added Services

Web Services
& Deployment

Website Development
Web Apps Deployment


Bandwidth Service Provisioning
Cloud-based E-mail Services
Anti-Virus Solutions


Equipment Safety and Protection
Electronics Repair
Renewable Energy