Frequently Asked Questions


1. I can’t access any of the OAUnet services (Internet, email, Intranet, etc)?
a. Check if it is an isolated case or general i.e. are you the only user in the department or building that can’t access it or it’s a general problem? If it is a general problem, contact your subnet manager.
b. If you are the only one experiencing this, confirm that your network cable is properly connected. If you are using WiFi, check to confirm that your WiFi interface is enabled.
c. Call your subnet manager if problem persists.

2. Why is my wireless network not working?
a. Check if the wireless network connection is enabled.
b. Ensure that you are connected to the available Wi-Fi
c. Is the wireless signal on your system strong?
d. Contact your subnet manager if problem persists on your computer.

3. Why does my internet connection become slow over a period of time?
a. It might be due to spyware, viruses and other programs
b. Restarting the computer system may solve the problem
c. It could be caused by congestion on the OAU network. A call or email to the subnet manager to confirm this.

4. I can’t get a WiFi signal, but the person next to me can.
a. Ensure that WiFi is enabled on your computer
b. Not all Wireless cards are the same. The quality of your card versus your neighbor’s can be quite different
c. Have professionals help in checking the system

5. Where should I be to pick up a stronger signal?
a. The closer you are to the wireless network controller, also the access point, the stronger the signal.

6. My internet keeps disconnecting, what can I do?
a. If you experience poor network connectivity, it is always wise to check your own equipment first. Check if your Network cable is well connected.
b. If you still need assistance, you should contact your subnet manager.

7. What are the restrictions for internet use?
a. You must abide by the internet use policy


Access to the internet on OAUnet is provided via a login page (gateway.oauife.edu.ng). Users are required to provide a username and a password in order to be able to use the service. If the username and password are incorrect, the login page responds with several errors messages.

  1. You are already logged in, access denied.

Possible Cause:

  • You are already logged in on another device. Concurrent accesses(Logging in on more than one device at the same time) are not allowed.
  • You did not logout on wireless before trying to use it on cable or vice versa. Confirm that you are not logged in on wireless (or cable) by connecting to the wireless or cable and typing: gateway.oauife.edu.ng
  • If none of the above, then visit INTECU for a change in Login Password, somebody may be in possession of it.
  1. Radius server not responding

Possible Cause:

  • The server may be down, wait for few minutes and try again
  1. Confirm your login credentials

Possible Cause:

  • Your username or password may not be correct. Check and retype. If problem still persists, visit INTECU to confirm and reset password.
  • You may have exhausted the maximum browsing hours which is 10 hours per day allocated to you. Kindly contact INTECU.
  1. Your maximum usage time has been reached

Possible Cause:

  • It means the number of hours bought has been exhausted. This is for those using INTECU Access cards/tickets.
    • N100 – 4hrs – 100mb
    • N500 – 14 days – 1G
    • N1000 – 1 month – 2G
  1. How do I change my Internet Password?
  • Kindly come to INTECU for a change of Internet password.
  • Never share your password: If you believe someone has learned your password, please change it immediately.
  • INTECU has and will never ask her users to supply Username and Password online, therefore, be wary of scammers.


  1. Why can’t I access my OAU mailbox?
  • Make sure that both username and password are typed correctly.
  • Type only your username without the domain name “@oauife.edu.ng” as depicted in the diagram below.
  1. I mistakenly close my mail and can’t open it again, telling me there is already a user logged in
  • Open another browser entirely different from the one you mistakenly closed and open the mail.
  1. Why don’t I receive “allusers” mails?