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Welcome to INTECU

Information Technology and Communications Unit

The information technology and communication unit (INTECU) was established in 1995 as an initiative to establish academic networks for Nigerian University after the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, now Abdul Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy) hosted an Academic Computer Network project for developing countries. The outcome of the feasibility study conducted by an ICTP fellow made Obafemi Awolowo University the first node of the ICTP project in Nigeria.

INTECU is responsible for conceiving, designing and implementing ICT strategies for the university via the development of human capacity and provision of critical infrastructure and network services. The network over the years is one of the fastest growing networks in the following areas: Network Infrastructure designs and deployment, Network security, Database management, Software and Applications Development, PC assembling & maintenance, e-learning and Learning Management Software(LMS), Multimedia solution, Power Backup Solutions, ICT Research and Development(R&D), and training.

These expertise have been invaluable to the sister institutions around us, thereby making OAU the leading ICT university in Nigeria. The network has a campus wide area network consisting of a continually expanding fiber optic backbone, 29 intra networked subnet building and wireless access cloud for mobile users distributed across what is regarded as one of the most beautiful real estates in the world.

Specialized Services

Bandwidth Provisioning, Consultancy Service, Antivirus, Training, LMS, VOIP, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Cloud-Based Email.

ISP/Bandwidth Services

Bandwidth Provisioning for Cyber-Cafes and Units such as Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERD), Library, PG College and Private Hostels

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

FREE Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration for all Departments, Units, Centres, Colleges and Faculties on Campus

Antivirus Solution

Kaspersky Campus-Wide Antivirus Solution for
all Academic Staff at a token

LMS and VOIP Solution

Learning Management Systems and Voice over Internet Protocol for easier learning management and communication among staff and student