We Deploy Resilient Networks that Scale Seamlessly

Superb network Architectures Designed to Deliver Optimum Throughput, We used Use technologies like load balancing, clustering, and failover mechanisms to achieve high availability.

About Us

Welcome to INTECU

Information Technology and Communications Unit

The information technology and communication unit (INTECU) was established in 1995 as an initiative to establish academic networks for Nigerian University after the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, now Abdul Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy) hosted an Academic Computer Network project for developing countries. The outcome of the feasibility study conducted by an ICTP fellow made Obafemi Awolowo University the first node of the ICTP project in Nigeria.

INTECU is responsible for conceiving, designing and implementing ICT strategies for the university via the development of human capacity and provision of critical infrastructure and network services. The network over the years is one of the fastest growing networks in the following areas: Network Infrastructure designs and deployment, Network security, Database management, Software and Applications Development, PC assembling & maintenance, e-learning and Learning Management Software(LMS), Multimedia solution, Power Backup Solutions, ICT Research and Development(R&D), and training.

These expertise have been invaluable to the sister institutions around us, thereby making OAU the leading ICT university in Nigeria. The network has a campus wide area network consisting of a continually expanding fiber optic backbone, 29 intra networked subnet building and wireless access cloud for mobile users distributed across what is regarded as one of the most beautiful real estates in the world.

We Deploy Resilient Network that Scale Seamlessly

Superb Network Architectures Designed to Deliver Optimum Throughput Enterprise Networks Cybersecurity, Virtualization, Web Apps, Live-streaming, Next-Gen Technologies.

  • 01 Our Short-Term Goals

    Digitalize the classrooms and lecture theatres through ICT Develop ICT-based learning and research within and outside the University community Develop hardware and software support for an e-learning environment

  • Make ICT a focal point in achieving even an all-round development in the University Improve upon the quality of graduates currently being produced by changing the orthodox mode of university education in Nigeria to an IT-enhanced e-learning system, thereby breeding a new generation of academics and professionals both now and in the future Make positive impacts on the channels of information and communication within the University system

    • Evolve an ICT policy that will govern all ICT related operations on campus
    • Design implement and maintain the campus wide network
    • Generate, distribute and maintain ICT services to both staff and students in the University community
    • Advise the University administration on the development, application and implementation of ICT and related affairs
    • Provide technical support for ICT in other educational, research and affiliated institution
    • Provide ICT training for both staff and members of the University community, Nigerian Universities as a whole and the professionals from the industry
    • Coordinate all ICT related activities on campus for the purpose of maximizing technical expertise and materials usage
    • Develop both software and hardware infrastructure by coordinating expertise in all units of the University.



Designing and Implementing World-Class Campus-Wide Area Networks

Consider using hardware load balancers or application delivery controllers (ADCs).

Maintain comprehensive documentation of the network architecture, including diagrams, IP address schemes, and configuration details. This documentation aids in troubleshooting and future expansions.

ISP/Bandwidth Service

Bandwidth Provisioning for Cyber-Cafes and Units such as Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERD), Library, PG College and Private Hostels

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

FREE Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration for all Departments, Units, Colleges and Faculties on Campus

Antivirus Solution

Kaspersky Campus-Wide Antivirus Solution for all Academic Staff and non-Academic staff at a token price

LMS and VOIP Solution

Learning Management Systems and Voice over Internet Protocol for easier learning management and communication among staff and student

Network Design

Fibre Optic Backbone deployment Wireless solutions Value added services

Internet Services

E-mail User Support Services Virus and Threat management VSAT Connectivity User Support Services Bandwidth Usage and Management

Power Solutions

Equipment safety and protection Electronics Repairs Power Generation Services Renewable Energy

LMS and VOIP Solution

Learning Management Systems and Voice over Internet Protocol for easier learning management and communication among staff and student

Talk To Us

We Provide state-of-the art Infrastructure to support and enhance Research and other Academic activities.

Internship Opportunities

IT, SIWES, SWEP and Graduate Interns.

INTECU offer work experience and student-learning programmes for undergraduates at Polytechnics and Universities as well as Graduate work experience schemes. Some of the skills on offer include Basic Network troubleshooting schemes, Hardware Repair, LAN/WAN Network Design and Deployment, Wi-Fi Radio Installation and Configuration, Web Development and Electrical Power-Problem solving skills among others


First-Rate and Dedicated Professionals Providing top-notch Tecnical Support towards accelerated 21st Century Digital transformation on Campus

Olakanmi Adewara


Yunus Adejumo


Oluleke Komolafe


Ms Oluwatoyosi Ogundare


Seun Adewoye


Idowu Okuneye


Abiodun Odedoyin


Opeyemi Akinwumi


Tobi Olufemi


Bosede Fasiku


Opeyemi Daniyan


Richard Akinwale


Tolu Ogunmola


Oluwabukola Adedayo


Segun Kadiri


Gabriel Folorunsho


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Networking Connections Problems

    • I can’t access any of the OAUnet services (Internet, email, Intranet, etc)?

    • Check if it is an isolated case or general i.e. are you the only user in the department or building that can’t access it or it’s a general problem? If it is a general problem, contact your subnet manager.
    • If you are the only one experiencing this, confirm that your network cable is properly connected. If you are using WiFi, check to confirm that your WiFi interface is enabled.
    • Call your subnet manager if problem persists.
    • My internet keeps disconnecting, what can I do?

    • If you experience poor network connectivity, it is always wise to check your own equipment first. Check if your Network cable is well connected.
    • If you still need assistance, you should contact your subnet manager.
    • What are the restrictions for internet use?

    • You must abide by the internet use policy

    • Check if the wireless network connection is enabled.
    • Ensure that you are connected to the available Wi-Fi
    • Is the wireless signal on your system strong?
    • Contact your subnet manager if problem persists on your computer.

    • It might be due to spyware, viruses and other programs
    • Restarting the computer system may solve the problem
    • It could be caused by congestion on the OAU network. A call or email to the subnet manager to confirm this.

    • Ensure that WiFi is enabled on your computer
    • Not all Wireless cards are the same. The quality of your card versus your neighbor’s can be quite different
    • Have professionals help in checking the system

    • The closer you are to the wireless network controller, also the access point, the stronger the signal.

  • Access to the internet on OAUnet is provided via a login page (gateway.oauife.edu.ng). Users are required to provide a username and a password in order to be able to use the service. If the username and password are incorrect, the login page responds with several errors messages.

      You are already logged in, access denied.

    Possible Cause: You are already logged in on another device. Concurrent accesses(Logging in on more than one device at the same time) are not allowed. You did not logout on wireless before trying to use it on cable or vice versa. Confirm that you are not logged in on wireless (or cable) by connecting to the wireless or cable and typing: gateway.oauife.edu.ng If none of the above, then visit INTECU for a change in Login Password, somebody may be in possession of it.

      Radius server not responding

    Possible Cause: The server may be down, wait for few minutes and try again

      Confirm your login credentials

    Possible Cause: Your username or password may not be correct. Check and retype. If problem still persists, visit INTECU to confirm and reset password. You may have exhausted the maximum browsing hours which is 10 hours per day allocated to you. Kindly contact INTECU.

      Your maximum usage time has been reached

    Possible Cause: It means the number of hours bought has been exhausted. This is for those using INTECU Access cards/tickets.
    N100 – 4hrs – 100mb
    N500 – 14 days – 1G
    N1000 – 1 month – 2G

      How do I change my Internet Password?

    Kindly come to INTECU for a change of Internet password. Never share your password: If you believe someone has learned your password, please change it immediately. INTECU has and will never ask her users to supply Username and Password online, therefore, be wary of scammers.

    • Why can’t I access my OAU mailbox?

    Make sure that both username and password are typed correctly. Type only your username without the domain name “@oauife.edu.ng” as depicted in the diagram below.

    • I mistakenly close my mail and can’t open it again, telling me there is already a user logged in

    Open another browser entirely different from the one you mistakenly closed and open the mail.

    • Why don’t I receive “allusers” mails?

    Send mail to support@oauife.edu.ng stating your username ONLY e.g user@oauife.edu.ng To develop in line with the University strategic Development plan, a set of ICT policies that guide the development of ICT for the purpose of assisting the University to achieve her educational research, and public service function. Information


We Provide state-of-the art Infrastructure to support and enhance Research and other Academic activities.


Information Technology and Communications Unit, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeira



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