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About Us

INTECU is responsible for conceiving, designing and implementing ICT strategies for the university via development of human capacities and provision of critical infrastructure and network services.


Explore the intricacies of modern technology with our networking internship. Gain hands-on experience in designing, configuring, and managing computer networks, both physical and virtual. Dive into the world of wired and wireless connections, learning essential skills for seamless data exchange


Our internship program offers hands-on experience and learning opportunities in the field of power supply. Participants will gain practical insights into designing, maintaining, and troubleshooting power supply systems. This program is designed to provide valuable skills for individuals interested in pursuing a career in electrical engineering, energy management, or related fields.

Web Development

Our organization provides an internship opportunity focused on web development. Participants will gain hands-on experience in creating and maintaining websites, learning key programming languages and tools essential for modern web development. This internship offers a valuable learning experience for those interested in entering the dynamic field of web development.